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Top 3 Qualities to Look for in Your Air Conditioning Repair Service

There are many things to consider before hiring an air condition repair company. Most companies have rules and regulations they have to follow in order to operate as a service provider. When considering whether a company fits your expectations, it is helpful to look at what other customers have said about their services.

Top 3 Qualities to Look for in Your Air Condition Repair Service

1- Proper Licensing and Certifications

There are two primary types of HVAC licenses an AC mechanic can have. A Class A license allows the mechanic to work on a unit of any size, which extends to commercial units and industrial ones. 

A Class B license has restrictions regarding what size units a mechanic can work on. For instance, any cooling system they work on must be less than 25 tons. These mechanics often make the servicing of small indoor wall units their specialty. 

An HVAC technician also has the option of getting a North American Technician Excellence Certification. This type of certification allows the technician to earn more on their salary and is an indication they have been through a rigorous course. It proves that they are an excellent technician.

Some mechanics will expand their skill set by getting a certification from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This allows them to work on appliances that utilize refrigerants in addition to coolants. 

Each state will have its own additional requirements regarding how a technician can qualify for their independent contractor HVAC license. The above is a general look at what type of licenses are typically required of these professionals.

2- Customer Ratings and Reviews

Customer reviews and feedback will tell you a lot about the company. However, it is practical to consider several things when reviewing a company’s ratings.

For instance, did the company respond to a customer’s negative comment and offer a reasonable explanation? Did they take responsibility for mistakes or lack of service? These are important indicators that a company values its customers and stands behind its work. 

Don’t forget to look at the five-star ratings! Positive reviews say a lot about a team’s dedication to their work. More than ever, Google and other review sites have features that prevent the company from creating positive reviews. As a result, you know they are legit.

3- Services They Offer

Before hiring an HVAC repair company, consider the service they offer in comparison to what you require. A wide variety of services does not necessarily indicate expertise in all areas. Instead, you will have to speak with your technician to get a feel for their experience. 

Consider whether the company offers emergency repair services. This service allows your HVAC repair to serve you better when you need it, at all hours of the day or night. Additionally, most mechanics will have an installation or delivery service available upon request.

Financing options are an absolute plus for those who need to purchase a new unit unexpectedly. Often companies will have partnerships with financing firms that can offer you fast or instant approval.

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