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Properly Maintaining Your Residential Generator

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Posted by Kristi Baxter

When it comes to residential generators, you want solutions that help protect your home when you most need it. That’s why you need to look for a generator installation service that ensures that you’re never without power. As they say at Virginia Power Solutions, “Residential generators are crucial in helping you meet both your basic and urgent needs.”

As with cars, air-cooled generators need to be properly maintained to ensure that they work effectively. In this article, we’ll talk about different ways on how you can maintain your at-home generators. Let’s discuss them, shall we?

Keep Your Generator Clean

As with any generator, it is bound to have dust and debris on its rotors. Over time, your generator can build up grime as a result of that dust and debris. Having excessive grime build up on your generator can cause your rotor and stator to lose efficiency in generating energy.

To get rid of the dust and debris, you need to clean the air filters that are inside the generator. It’s advised that you check for dust in the air filters on a weekly basis. If you live in a dusty area, increase the frequency of how much you check the air filters. This helps ensure that your rotor and stator generates energy with maximum efficiency.

Change The Oil On A Regular Basis

Whether it be a portable generator or an at-home generator, you always want to change the oil regularly. There are several key factors that determine how often you need to do an oil change. They are:

  • What type of environment does your generator operate in?
  • What brand generator do you use?
  • How often do you use your generator?

Newer versions of generators may require fewer oil changes since they burn cleanly compared to older versions. If it operates in an area where contaminants affect your oil, then more oil changes may be needed. This is something to keep in mind when selecting a generator installation service. If you’re someone who would rather not change the oil regularly, then a newer model would be best for you.

Test Your Battery And Ensure That It Is Clean

One of the most common reasons for an emergency generator repair is faulty batteries. That is why you want to check that your battery terminal is clean and free of corrosions. Also, check the connections and make sure that they’re aligned and tightened properly. At the same time, check that your battery is fully charged so that you have power when needed.

Empty Out Old Fuel And Replace With Newer Fuel

For portable generators and pressure washers, one thing that gets overlooked by homeowners is the old fuel in the tank. Using dirty old fuel can cause your generator or washer to erode or be damaged. That’s why you need to clean out the tank to ensure that you’re running cleaner and more efficient fuel. This helps protect your washer and generator from erosion and damage. Also, don’t forget to check the fuel lines while you’re at it.

Proper Maintenance Is Key In Ensuring Your Residential Generator Lasts

Without question, taking proper measures to maintain your residential generator will ensure that it works as intended. In addition, you’ll be ensuring that your generator lasts and will help meet your most basic and urgent needs.

All of this is something to consider when going with a top-notch generator installation service like that of Virginia Power Solutions. In the end, you’ll rest easy knowing that your home will be ready in any given situation that may arise down the road.

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