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Popular Shower Designs For 2021

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Posted by Kristi Baxter

As we go into 2021, it is crucial to note that consumer trends are shifting in a big way. One of those trends has to do with shower designs. People prefer all-natural showers that preserve heat, prevent water from reaching the floor, and bring them relaxation. This is a big reason why people look towards frameless shower enclosures.

As said at Desert Empire Mirror & Glass, “You want shower designs that make your bathroom unique and relaxing.” These popular shower designs below will bring you just that.

Marble Shower With Frameless Shower Enclosures

If you’re looking for a spacious, clear shower design, then consider going with a marble shower with frameless shower enclosures. This work of art by Studio McGee offers an open and airy feel. This is thanks to the frameless shower enclosures that help make the bathroom feel twice as big.

It also has bathroom fixtures with marble tiles that help make the shower feel elegant and all-natural. It even has a built-in bench that helps make basking in steam so relaxing. Definitely, something to think about when choosing a glass glazing company.

Chevron Shower With Frameless Shower Enclosures

Like the marble shower, the chevron shower also has frameless shower enclosures that make the room appear bigger. This beauty by Studio DB showcases stonework along with modern fixtures and antique brass finishes that bring in industrial vibes. The marble chevron shower walls also help make the shower feel roomy and relaxing. 

Spa-Like Shower With Frameless Shower Enclosures

This spa-like shower designed by the husband and wife team at NYC’s CetraRuddy brings a Gotham-style flair to your home. The Dolomite Honed stonewalls and Breccia Capraia accent shower walls help you feel relaxed at every shower you take. The frameless shower enclosures help keep the heat in the shower area making it feel like you’re at a spa. 

Blue Marble Tile Shower With Frameless Shower Enclosures

Last, but not least of the showers we’ll talk about is the blue marble tile shower straight out of Florida. Color plays a key role in what the tone and mood of any room will feel like. The blue marble tile and the frameless shower enclosures make it feel like you’re at the beach. This shower by Akel Homes was inspired by the crystal blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. If you’re looking for a relaxing, ocean blue touch, then look to this option when choosing a glass glazing company.

Inspiring Shower Designs Make For A Relaxing New Year

It is clear that inspiring shower designs that include frameless shower enclosures give you that relaxing feeling. On top of that, you will be making your bathroom a unique work of art in such diverse ways. When considering a glass glazing company like Desert Empire Mirror & Glass, definitely keep these top shower designs in mind. You’ll be glad you did when you go into 2021 with an inspiring touch to your home.

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