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Kitchen Cabinet Hardware You’ll Love in 2021

kitchen cabinet hardware
Posted by Kristi Baxter

Is a kitchen renovation on your to-do list in 2021? If so, one thing that you will want to get right is the kitchen cabinet hardware you choose. While functionality is of course of primary importance, you also want your cabinet hardware to be attractive.

Below are some suggestions that can improve the look of any kitchen, no matter the style you prefer.

Go for the Bronze

Bronze cabinet hardware is all the rage and adds an elegant touch to any cabinet. Bronze hardware stands out spectacularly on white cabinets. Check out some of these etched bronze pulls for an extra touch of class.

Mid-Century Modern Cabinetry Still a Fave

There’s something sleek and tidy about the clean lines of mid-century modern cabinets and their hardware. If you want your kitchen to reflect those same attributes, consider cabinet hardware like these polished nickel knobs.

Glass Cabinet Knobs Span Different Eras

Choosing glass cabinet knobs can accentuate both an antique appearance or an ultra-modern look. Go for crystal knobs or choose knobs in an accent color to make your kitchen pop.

Get the Blues

You can make a strong decorating statement using a beautiful cobalt blue drawer and cabinet knobs. Want something a bit more understated? Choose knobs with a lighter shade of blue that blends in well with other elements in your kitchen.

Choose Vintage

Does the idea of a vintage kitchen bring back pleasant memories of your youth when the family all gathered in the kitchen? If so, these vintage painted ceramic cabinet and drawer pulls might be just the ticket.

The Rustic Look

Your farmhouse kitchen will get an immediate facelift with this set of rustic farmhouse print wooden drawer knobs. If you prefer metal cabinet pulls, there are plenty that reflects the rustic appeal of a French or American farmhouse kitchen.

Ultra Modern Kitchen Accents

If your kitchen redo includes ultra-modern appliances and features, keep the theme going with your cabinet hardware. These sleek and sophisticated bar knob pulls will fit right in with your modern kitchen design.

That Funky Retro Vibe

A dash of kitsch can be just what you are looking for to set your kitchen renovation apart from all the others. These colored retro cabinets and drawer pull give a subtle nod to the 1950s.

Want something a bit more dramatic? These vibrant, colored drawer knobs are a sure attention-getter in any kitchen space.

Embrace the New Year With a New Look for Your Kitchen

Whatever your preferences may be, your kitchen is sure to be a winner with your choice of cabinet and drawer hardware.

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