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Furnace Checklist for Winter

The crisp fall weather is a pleasant relief from the summer heat. However, when the weather turns cold, your furnace becomes an essential item in your home. Prepare your furnace for the winter season so it will be reliable and effective for your home. Aside from getting a furnace repair service, here are other things to do that’ll save you money as well.

The Furnace Checklist

While professional furnace maintenance is the most important thing you can do every autumn, there are a few other things you can do yourself to extend the life of your equipment and save money in the end. The following are some of the most critical factors you need to include in your furnace checklist:

1. Set Your Thermostat    

Change your thermostat from cooling to heating mode before the winter weather hits. To do this, set the thermostat a few degrees higher than the current room temperature. Wait for a minute to see whether the heat comes on. 

Ensure that the connections are secure and that the HVAC system’s power supply is on. If it still does not work, your furnace fan or heat pump may be the problem. You should contact a professional for furnace repair service immediately.

You can also install a programmable or Wi-Fi thermostat. It will allow you to customize your temperature settings for different times of the day.

2. Inspect your Carbon Monoxide Detectors

New homes are required to have a carbon monoxide detector in addition to their smoke alarms.  They are usually combined into one detector.  Test the batteries for every carbon monoxide detector in your home. 

3. Check The Heating Ducts 

Inspect the heating duct for any punctures, dents, loose pieces, dust, mold, or mildew. While you can inspect the ducts yourself, seek professional assistance for maintenance and repair. 

4. Inspect The Vents For Any Obstruction

Blocked air vents force your furnace to work harder trying to heat the room.  Make sure all furniture, toys, or even blankets are not covering your vents.  Return vents should also be clear to allow air to move freely through the home.

5. Replace Your Furnace Filter

Replacing your furnace air filter twice a year is a simple, low-cost remedy that will help your system last longer. Replacing your filter will save you money on your heating bills, extend the life of your furnace and have cleaner air in your home.

6. Examine The Flames On The Burner 

The flames should all be the same shade of blue. If you notice orange or yellow flickering flames, turn off the furnace and call a heating technician. 

7. Examine the Igniter Switch

You may need to relight the pilot if your system is older. Newer methods use electric igniters. If the igniter does not work, press the reset button. If you are still having issues, turn off the gas to the furnace and call a technicial right away.

Get Furnace Repair Service

Meanwhile, with regular maintenance, you can ensure that your furnace is functioning as efficiently as possible. If your heating expenditures are more significant than you believe they should be in winter, it may be time to schedule a home energy audit.

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