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Consider a Custom Glass Door for Modern At-Home Features

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Posted by Kristi Baxter

If eyes are the window to the soul, it could also be said that your front entrance door is the window to your home. Accordingly, it should project the right image to reflect the character of the home itself.

When you are looking for a modern aesthetic vibe for your home, a good way to accomplish that is by including a custom-made glass front door. The elegant, clean lines of a door offset by sleek, modern hardware is a stunning presentation for the entryway of your home.

Because it will be custom, the glass glazing company can coordinate with you to ensure that all of your preferences are included in the final product. 

Let the Light Shine

Entryways can sometimes appear dark or even forbidding without glass panels to let in a little sunshine. But some homeowners don’t want every visitor or delivery person to  have such a clear view into their homes.

A glass glazing company can install opaque glass panels that will still allow the ambient light to stream in without providing unfettered visual access into the interior of your home. Another option that will also offer a modicum of privacy is to install a curtain over the glass panels on your front door.

Glass Doors Open Up Your Living Space

Dark, shadowy entrances can make a small home appear cramped. But allowing light to filter in, whether through open glass panels, opaque glass, or a filmy curtain can open up the entrance to your home.

If you want your guests to feel welcome when they cross the threshold, you may want to invest in a custom front door made by a glass glazing company.

Many Options for a Glass Front Entry Door

If you are seeking a retro or antique look for your front entrance, leaded glass glass is one option homeowners have. Because many people have privacy concerns with transparent glass panels, a lovely alternative is stained glass in a design that reflects the unique characteristics of the house and its residents.

If you are not sure whether you want to add color, beveled and bubble glass can soften the interior view from the outside while still allowing light to penetrate the entranceway.

What the Glass Experts Have to Say

The expert glazier at Desert Empire Mirror and Glass in the Coachella Valley states, “A customized glass front door that is expertly installed can give the residents peace of mind, a secure entry, increased energy savings, and enhanced comfort.”

Those qualities are well worth the investment of a custom-designed glass front door.

Consult with a Glass Glazing Company

Before you rush to make a decision about installing a front door with glass panels, take the time to share your concerns and expectations with the master glazier at a reputable glass glazing company.

Sharing your input allows the glazier to better understand your intended purpose and hoped-for results. Together, the two of you can discuss viable options so that your glass-paneled front entrance door meets or exceeds all your expectations.

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