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Add a Touch of Luxury with Patterned Glass

Patterned commercial glass replacement can add a touch of luxury to any business or office and offer incredible versatility. Using glass for walls, windows, front doors, railings, and enclosures is trendy and provides picturesque residential and commercial property aesthetics.  Residential patterned glass suits kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, outdoor pools, and other areas. In commercial outlets, they are applicable in different industries, including hotels, restaurants, retail, office, and banking, enhancing visuals and privacy.

4 Ways to Add Luxury with Patterned Commercial Glass Replacement

Patterned glass refers to special obscure glass designs with engraved design elements. The patterns are added during the manufacturing process using rollers and can feature on one or both sides of the glass. Here are four ways to add a touch of luxury with patterned glass.

1.Improve Entryways

The first impression is essential for homeowners and businesses alike. It gives visitors a hint of what is inside and should depict exceptional aesthetics. Using patterned glass can provide the decoration, texture, and depth needed to create a unique, plush appeal.Homeowners and business owners can use patterned glass on entryways to create stunning visual appeal and first impression. The products come in different thicknesses, offer many unique patterns to choose from, and feature varying levels of view distortion.

2. Upgrade Counters

Installing patterned glass will give your counters a classy appeal. They are perfect on kitchen counters, customer reception areas, and many other countertops. The molds also add distortion and elegance that aren’t possible when using clear glass designs. Glass counters are impressive and elegant. Installing patterned glass allows home and business owners to customize the counter using unique decorative aspects. Patterns also complement colored glass, add texture and give your commercial counters a classy appeal.

3. Private Enclosures

Glass enclosures have versatile applications in both homes and commercial outlets, such as offices. Clear glass allows light to pass through, and people can see what’s on the other side. However, using patterned glass can distort the view and create privacy while allowing in light.The best places to use patterned glass enclosures at home include shower stalls, private offices, studios, and meditation rooms. In commercial outlets, patterned partition walls can create private offices with different decorations and aesthetics.

4. Plush Doors/Windows

Patterned glass panels provide a sleek modern look on front doors and windows. They can replace clear glass panels and offer better visuals and obscurity, so no one from the outside will see what’s on the other side. Patterned glass also works for bathroom windows and lets in enough light to keep the room bright. Owners can determine how much distortion they want for the front doors, and there are several patterns and designs to go around.

Best Glass and Mirror Shop in Cincinnati

Patterned glass panels offer privacy, low maintenance, durability, and customization. When installing new patterned glass, work with trustworthy shops and manufacturers to guarantee top quality. 

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