A/B Testing Your Web Design: Where to Start

Posted by Kristi Baxter

Are you worried about how to do A/B testing at your Web Design Agency? Don’t worry. This article will explain how to A/B test and what it is for those who don’t know it.

This is a design that examines two diverse forms of content with your viewers while measuring the performance. In the test, the versions being tested run concurrently to equally sized viewers. It declares the page with better performance the winner.

A/B testing is valuable since audiences have different behaviors and reactions. Use the A/B testing now to help convert customers.

What to test

The first step to start with will be to identify what to test. Below are the areas which you should test in your web design;

  • Main Landing Pages 

People will first visit your landing pages. Remember, this is not your site’s homepage. This idea runs the same way stores put the display “SALE” signs on display for people to see. You want your display to be perfect for luring traffic. The best way to know what is best is by testing the landing pages.

  • Page Templates 

One way to optimize several pages quickly within a short time is by optimizing the page templates. What will happen if I add some content to the header or when I change a menu? All these questions will get answers by doing A/B testing.

  • Conversion (SEM) Pages

 Campaigns or advertising send traffic to conversion pages. These pages aim to convert individuals to take action. You can test your donate button’s color. Experiment with extra convincing copy on the newsletter signup page. Never make the mistake of assuming what your audience will do; make the use of data instead.

The A/B Testing for your Web Design agency

A/B testing assists marketers observe how a version of marketing content performs against another. Let’s look at two A/B testing types you might conduct to increase your website’s conversion rate:

a) Design Test 

Check if altering the color of the CTA (call-to-action) button can surge its click-through rate. You will do A/B testing to conduct the theory.

Design another CTA button using a different button dye, leading to a similar landing page just like the control. If, after the A/B test, the challenger color receives more clicks, then you have to change the CTA color.

b) User Experience Test

You may check if the click-through rate will improve when moving a particular CTA button, especially on the homepage’s top rather than in the sidebar.

 You need to create another webpage, which is an alternative, which reflects the CTA placement change. Next, you will test the two versions in percentage form represented by the percentage of visitors to the page.

A/B testing offers various benefits to the marketers; therefore, what you decide to test matters a lot. For any business, the tests are essential, putting into consideration the huge return on investment. Don’t waste time asking if the test works or how it works. Now you understand the crucial aspects of A/B testing.

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